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Having achieved excellence in all facets of landscape design and installation, Slice It Landscaping brings to the Denver metropolitan area expertise, experience and a very talented design team focused on transforming landscapes into dreamscapes. Slice It Landscaping is fully licensed and insured and has all the resources needed to perform all types of landscaping installation. Slice It Landscaping has the specialized skills, equipment and knowledge to complete all jobs in a professional and timely manner.

Front Walkway

Backyard landscaping

Tranquil Landscape

Walkway and Landscaping

Stairs and Retaining Wall

Paver patio

Walkwayand Retaining Wall

Patio design

Landscape redesign

Front Entry Makeover

Stamped concrete patio and fire pit

Stamped concrete front patio

Large paver patio w/ gas fire pit

Large new build driveway

Front yard redesign and update

Back yard landscape

Sod and Rock

New yard

New front and back yard

new front walkway

Back yard sod and patio

Fire pit and retaining wall

Retaining Wall

new full backyard

Xero Scape Backyard

Front yard make over

New rock area

New back yard




Time to Improve Your Curb Appeal?

When arriving at your address, the first thing your guests notice is the attractiveness of your home and its surroundings. This includes the sidewalk and driveway to the front door and porch as well. Is an upgrade past due? The experts at Slice It Landscaping will work closely with you to conceptualize a new design or repair your driveway, patio or sidewalk. We will not only bring out the beauty of your house, but also improve its functionality.

Known for its high-quality work, superior service and knowledgeable crew, Slice It Landscaping will provide you and your family with a safe and attractive environment for years to come.

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